1 hour

asian style foot reflexology

only $35

Indulge in luxurious Asian style reflexology. This relaxing treatment is designed to make you feel wonderful by focusing attention on the body areas that receive the hardest stress in daily life.

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Relaxation + Reflexology

The Reflexology Lounge is the premier place in San Diego to get a great Asian Style Body and Foot Massage without the spa price. The Reflexology Lounge has locations throughout Southern California and many more expanding soon. Enjoy the many benefits of Asian style reflexology to experience reduced stress, relaxation, relief from headaches, and reduced back and neck pain. For only $35 for a one hour Asian Style massage, visit the Reflexology Lounge today for a massage experience you’ll never forget. The lounge is open 7 days a week all year. Walk-ins are always welcome and reserving an appointment is easy. Book online or by calling any Reflexology Lounge location.

Alleviate Pain + Feel Younger


Melt Away Stress + Relax From Head to Toe


Relieve Muscle Spasms + Gain Energy